What do I need to know about the Georgia Learner’s permit test?

A learner’s permit test held by the Georgia DDS must be passed to obtain your Georgia Learner’s Permit. Here are some simple tips to pass this test.


  • Thoroughly study the Georgia state Driver’s Manual: All questions in the learner’s permit two-part test are based on material which are included in the Georgia state driver’s manual. This manual can be downloaded easily from the Georgia DDS website or from your local DDS office. You must understand the road rules mentioned in the driver’s manual to fully excel at the learner’s permit test. You may also practice by taking online practice tests, which will give you a good idea as to how you will do on the Learner’s Permit test.
  • Scheduling an appointment with the Georgia state DDS: All Georgia DDS exams are taken on a walk-in basis at the Georgia DDS customer service centers. The knowledge exam must be completed within time, so it is better to start the written exam at least 30 minutes before closing time.

Those who have reading and hearing disabilities will be given extra priority and services during the test. The road rules tests are available in non-English languages as well, but a driver must at least understand and read common road signs that are in English. The main test will be completely in English.

  • When taking a Georgia Learner’s Permit knowledge exam there are basic rules one should follow. They are:
  • Pens, pencils, papers and all other kinds of items are not allowed inside the testing area.
  • The examiner who is administering the test is the only one you can talk to during the test.
  • Cellphones, smartphones, wireless devices and text message devices are not allowed inside the testing area.
  • Scoring 75% or higher on your written test: The test for a a Learner’s Permit in Georgia consists of 2 parts: Road signs and Road Rules. You must get a score of 75% or higher to pass the learner’s permit exam and be eligible for a Georgia Learner’s Permit. During the Road Signs test, there will be 20 questions – at least 15 must be correctly answered to pass. You will be presented with common highway and road signs that you must be able to identify and specify their meaning.


15 must be answered correctly to pass. The questions will be about common road rules, responsibilities during driving and safe driving rules and practices.




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